The Challenge

Wholesale distributors are a vital part of our modern economy.  Small businesses in a variety of sectors depend on wholesale supplies to deliver them the goods they need to operate daily.  Many small businesses carry large credit terms with their distributors and returned items can be the difference between profit and loss for the week.  To offer a lower cost recovery solution for returned commercial checks eCollect has pioneered a robust solution to recover these returned business checks.

The eCollect Solution

  • Customized workflow developed to maximize recovery performance.
  • Stop work requests processed in real time to prevent double collections.
  • Funds verified on all returned items daily to ensure maximum recovery rates.
  • Full face value of each item remitted – a no-cost solution.

Organizations we can help

  • Restaurant Supply
  • Landscape Supply
  • Automotive Supply
  • Beverage Supply
  • Beauty Supply
  • Safety Supply
  • Janitorial Supply
  • Uniform Supply
  • Electric, Lumber, Plumbing, and Hardware Supply

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