NSF Recovery

eCollect’s NSF Check and ACH Recovery is the fastest and most cost effective solution to recover bounced checks and returned ACH payments – period.

For CFOs, Treasurers, and Collection Managers at organizations that receive these payments eCollect offers an intelligent recovery solution.  We put our client first in line for payment; the day funds become available.  Unlike the hit and miss approach of bank re-presentment or obnoxious and costly use of collections tactics, eCollect intelligently re-submits the payment once we can verify it will clear.

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Funds Verification

eCollect’s Funds Verification delivers bank-provided funds availability intelligence that facilities better collections results with reduced NACHA risk exposure.

For Operations Executives, VPs of Finance, and Collection Managers at organizations that make high-risk loans our Funds Verification solution allows for more net dollars with less total debit origination activity. Unlike positive/negative data sources that rely on historical customer behavior to predict debit success, eCollect provides actionable verification data directly from financial institutions.

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Recurring Billing

eCollect’s Recurring Invoicing and Payments automates and simplifies your monthly billing and payment depositing process.

For small businesses and non-profits our Recurring Invoicing and Payments solution ensures you never need to mail a bill or chase down a check ever again. Unlike the traditional process of mailing statements and waiting for customers to send back payments, eCollect automates the entire invoicing and payment settlement process with comprehensive reporting and email updates.

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